Honestly this only makes sense, women should be able to bear their breasts in the same places men can. So yeah, having a woman shirtless in a movie theater or church shouldn’t be acceptable. Why? Well it wouldn’t be acceptable for a man to do the same thing. However, if a woman is at a beach and doesn’t want tan lines or is hot or whatever reason she’d want to take her shirt off it should be acceptable as it would be for a man. Boobs are natural and aren’t designed for the pleasure of men, so if I wanted to go to Rehobeth Beach and went topless, why should I be ridiculed, victimized (while being portrayed as the perpetrator) and a man can do the same thing and no one bats an eye. Meanwhile the police could be called on me, or even a breastfeeding mother depending on the state.
As for you wondering why, some blame the puritans for starting it all here in America, others blame the media for using boobs to sell everything from cars to watches to beer


Free The Nipple! It shouldn’t be illegal for women to  breastfeed their babies in public, in fact it should be promoted. Breastfeeding is not only good for the baby but  the mother too. It can even reduce baby’s risk of disease later in life. Also Breastfeeding reduces the mom’s risk of ovarian and breast cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.  The longer she breastfeeds, the higher the benefit.  In fact, a woman who breastfeeds for 8 years has nearly a 0% risk of breast cancer. Now why should something that prevents breast cancer be illegal?  Breastfeeding saves a family approximately $2 to 4 thousand dollars annually. In comparison to having to buy formula.

Free The Nipple! Okay so the main point that #FREETHENIPPLE is trying to get across is that we were all created equally, so why can a guy show his breast but a woman can not? That does not…

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