Senate abortion bill withstands seven unfriendly amendments

And to think we’re supposed to have separation of the church and state. This is really just republicans trying to prevent people from accessing a safe procedure. Many people don’t have cars, yet if they’re 30 miles away or something like that they have to wait another day? There’s absolutely no reason I see to even want to pass a bill like this. I understand if an abortion clinic adopted a policy like this or strongly recommended it, but for the government to even try to restrict the rights a woman has to her body even more is ridiculous

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A Republican-backed abortion bill in the Senate that requires women to wait 24-hour after meeting face-to-face with her doctor before going through with the procedure withstood challenges from seven amendments from Democrats and is now poised for a final vote.

Among the challenges raised in the amendments: a 24-hour reflection period for men seeking vasectomies; conducting the meeting via telephone or internet and allowing women who live more than 100 miles from a clinic or who sign a document saying they have thoroughly considered their decision to waive the waiting period.

Democrat Sen. Maria Sachs, of Delray Beach, proposed allowing midwives and nurses – in addition to doctors – to meet personally with women 24 hours before the procedure. Democrat Jeff Clemens, of Lake Worth, sought to eliminate a provision of the bill that requires victims of rape and incest to provide a police report or medical records to be exempt…

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