The line between protesters and extreme activists


The wage between pro-life and pro-choice has been a popular subject for controversial debate since abortion was legalised over 50 years ago. The pro-life movement (also known as the right-to-life movement), is a social and political campaign which began in the late 1960’s in the United States and since then it has slowly begun to invade Britain.

Recent stories in the media tell us about the impulsive lengths anti-abortion activists will go to in order to voice their opinion. These demonstrations continue to become more violent, with The Independent (Taylor, 2015) reporting that protesters in the UK are being trained by those who are involved with the pro-life movement organisation in the US.

In 2010 The Guardian released a headline that read “US-style anti-abortion protesters target clinics in Britain” (Magolis, 2010) with the article stating that these protesters are copying the aggressive tactics which are used by US activists.


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