Just Because

Just because her skirt is short

Doesn’t mean she’s a whore,

Doesn’t mean she’s easy,

And doesn’t mean she was asking for it.

Just because she cursed

Doesn’t mean she’s indecent,

Doesn’t mean she’s “unladylike”,

And doesn’t mean she has less of a right to speech than men.

Just because she told a guy no,

Doesn’t mean she lead him on,

Doesn’t mean she’s a prude,

And doesn’t mean she’s a bitch.

Just because she was born with the “wrong” genitals she shouldn’t treated as less than human.

Is she not a victim of a horrendous crime, because her outfit?

Should she be judged harsher than men for what she said, because a “lady” shouldn’t speak like that?

Should she be shunned for her right to say yes or no?

We are not born as second class citizens, yet from birth men and women are internalized with misogyny.


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