Are we ever truly alone?

Maybe you don’t see it this way, but you’re bashing people who suffer mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, even people who are just going through a tough time. There’s scientific evidence proving that these are real disorders. Just look at FMRIs of people with severe depression versus someone who has an average mindset when it comes to their mood.
When people are screaming out for help, that’s what they need. They’re not just being annoying attention seekers, they’re people who are suffering. I’m sure you don’t mean to invalidate their pain, but you should really try to keep an open mind.
You might not be alone in a room full of family and friends, but you can feel an emptiness and you can feel alone. Especially if no one cares about the times you’ve called out for help.
It’s not being self absorbed or selfish, you should understand that no one consciously chooses to be miserable. Nobody chooses to break down and hate living their lives.
I can understand arguing that it’s a choice to an extent, after all they have to make the choice to recover. But, nearly 10% of people suffer from depression alone every year. 15 million Americans suffer from social anxiety.
Odds are you have lots of people you know who have suffered from one of those, and you think they’re the sweetest or coolest people you know.
Attitudes like this keep these wonderful people in pain, most people go untreated over the fear of being judged. Attitudes like this make people feel truly alone.

Here’s some sources you should check out to become more aware of how big of an issue these disorders are.

The Wasted Youth

I do not permit self pity ever. I don’t care what your situation is, I don’t believe in excuses and what is the point of wasting your time and my time. I’ve noticed that the most prevalent version of self pity is now declaring loneliness, especially in the younger generation. Some people say they do this just for attention and just to have someone to say “oh no your not alone, you have me”. Which of course is attention seeking but even if their only motive was to get attention these people all have the same reason for doing so. They have enough self pity to publicly showcase it. But are we ever truly alone or are we just wallowing. Wallowing in our own deficiencies and screw- ups. But what does that do, make you feel even more depressed and alone. So why even go there in the first place…

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