You did a wonderful job writing this, it’s so great to see people around my age with such a unique and inspiring outlook on life. Honestly, I feel like views like this need to be expressed more often and understood by others on a deeper level. Thanks so much for contributing this piece.

The Inspiration of a Phenomenal Lady

Today i decided to smile. It wasn’t forceful, meaningless, or awkward. It wasn’t because a friend told a joke, or because someone tripped. It wasn’t because a boy flashed his teeth for a couple seconds, or because my crush said “Hi”. It wasn’t because the elderly couple stared at me for more than a couple seconds, or my teacher said good morning. It wasn’t a pathetic, insubstantial smile. Today i decided to smile, because i can. I smiled because i ate breakfast this mornings, and i woke up in my own bed today.  I brushed my teeth, washed my face with warm water, and but on shoes. I smiled because i realized i have no reason to be sorrowful. I have a job at sixteen years old. I have a plan for my future, and if that doesn’t work out, i have a backup plan. I smiled because my parents…

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