You May Not Like Feminism – But There’s an Undeniable Need For It

Yes, I'm an Actual Feminist

Many anti-feminists often argue with me about the need for a women’s rights movement. They tell me things like:

  • the wage gap doesn’t exist
  • women are naturally inferior beings, it’s biologically proven
  • women who are sexually assaulted are just asking for it
  • women already have the right to vote, what else do they need?
  • feminism is just there to make women hate men and make women want to be lesbians

There’s a certain amount of willful ignorance here – these anti-feminists want to blatantly ignore facts, statistics, personal claims, etc. Look at the sheer number of lawsuits in this country over sexual and domestic violence, look at the number of reported cases. Tell me there isn’t a problem there – I dare you! I really do! You know what? Forget the statistic for a moment. Go out on the street and ask a woman if she has ever felt uncomfortable around…

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