Bisexual Women & Society’s Invalidation Of Identity

Get Real.

Credits: Alan Cleaver Calista discusses the trials of being a bisexual women and society’s biphobia and erasure. Credits: Alan Cleaver

It’s taken me at least five years from first ascertaining my sexuality to accepting it and coming out. Even now, I’m not quite there. Whilst most of the important people in my life now know, I considered filling the rest in with a blunt Facebook post. “But you can’t do that!” piped up my internal censor, “you’ll just be proving that bis are attention-seeking!”

Biphobia is so prevalent in our society, within both the queer and straight communities, that even though I’ve come to acknowledge and value my identity, I still feel these doubts creeping in. In this article I’ll be approaching this issue from the perspective of a bi woman looking at how misogyny and biphobia combine into a toxic cocktail which – alas – is all too often on the menu.

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2 thoughts on “Bisexual Women & Society’s Invalidation Of Identity

  1. WOW! That piece has really got me thinking about how society is so quick to label. If you say you like girls, you only do for attention. It’s so hard to be yourself now of days. I’m really glad you touched on this topic. I think it is very important to point out society’s wrongs, that way, in the future we can change for the better. Great Job Girl!


  2. Who knew being bisexual could be so difficult?! Because I had no idea. Ok well I mean I guess it’s a little weird at first because you aren’t sure how people are going to feel about you or if they are going to look at you the same. Which is totally understandable (even though I’m not BI). But my opinion is that it shouldn’t matter what others think of you as long as you are happy than everything else is irrelevant.


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